We make a successful strategy according to the information gathered from the first phase. Then we put together this information in an organised manner for your web solutions. We always develop a site map in which the list of all main topics & sub-topics are specified. This map offers a consistent approach to understand the complete navigational system which further provides the guidance about what content has to be on the site. The whole concept is planned by keeping you and your end-users in mind; because the end-users are the people who will be dealing with you for your products & services. Our web designers & developers will also let you know about the technologies that they would be implementing in the designing & development phase as per your project requirements. The various elements regarding your project like the type of CMS (Content Management System) to be incorporated, theme etc, will be discussed while planning your project.


In this second phase, we determine the look & feel of the website by drawing up all the information gathered up to this point. We considerably focus on the target audience as it is the most important key factor which decides your business growth. A good user interface is must for easily navigating the website. The minor elements in the designing phase also hold great importance and affect the audience. These elements can be company’s logo, colour combination, font style etc. These small factors help in strengthening the identity of your company on the website; thus these elements need to be taken care of in the designing phase. We’ll create one or more prototypes for your website design in the form of .jpg images which will represent the look of your final design. Once you have finalised your website design, our skilled web designers will take it a step further and start working on the approved design without wasting any time. We’ll allow you to view your project throughout the designing and development phase.


It is the stage where the actual working of the website starts. Our web developers will collect all the individual graphic elements from the approved prototype design. These elements are then be used to create functional website. This is accomplished by first developing the Home page and after that, all the internal pages. The elements such as CMS (like Wordpress), e-commerce shopping carts, interactive contact forms etc. all are implemented and made functional during the development stage. Once all the development has been done, the designer will take the content from the client and put that content by distributing it to the appropriate areas of the website. In this complete process, we’ll update you at every step and we’ll also provide you access to a secure area by which you can view the work in progress. Furthermore, we offer flexible approach so that the clients can suggest any additional changes that they would like to have done in the website. This approach makes the clients happy and satisfied with the services.


Launching an application or a website is the final stage of development. In this phase, our developers and quality analyst will attend to the final details and perform testing of your web or mobile application. Our skilled web designers & developers are well-experienced about the current standards for web application design & development. In case of testing process, complete functionality of all forms, scripts and everything will be checked. The compatibility issues are also checked and resolved in the testing. This compatibility check will let your website to be viewed and functioned properly on different web browsers. It is also known as cross-browser compatibility. The validation of the application code has also been checked in this process by our developers. Validating the code means ensuring that the web application meets the latest web development standards. We make use of advanced and updated versions of high-end technologies so that we can add maximum features to the client’s application.


Though, your development of web site has been completed till the last phase, but in order to bring the repeat visitors on your website, it is important to maintain and upgrade it with the fresh content and new products on a regular basis. It is completely upto you that whether you want to opt for maintenance services or not; but these are generally suggested for business growth. We would be more than happy to continue working with you by updating the information on your web site. The cost of maintenance depends on the factor that how frequently you anticipate making changes or updations to your web application. We’ll offer you affordable maintenance packages. You can also opt to update your own content, which would be accomplished through a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. With the help of an online software, the designer will develop a database driven site for you by which you would get the ability to edit the content areas of the web site yourself. The access to a back-end administrative area would be provided to you where you can make use of an online text area for the content updations.